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How Our Tax Relief Services Can Assist You!

IRS Appeals:

We can file on your behalf a written protest if you disagree with the IRS’s determination.  As certified tax attorneys authorized to practice before the IRS, we can talk to them on your behalf without you. We can put together a formal written protest to request an Appeals conference within 24 hours.

Asset Seizures:

We can help taxpayers who are not able to pay their taxes.  You will receive notices, along with instructions explaining your rights.  Many times, we can help you resolve it by filing Form 9465 on your behalf. If you owe a large balance on your tax returns and refuse to talk with the IRS will face a lien or lev placed on your property.

Criminal Litigation:

Our attorneys can assist you in any criminal tax cases in the federal district court.  Criminal tax litigation can sometimes be resolved at the investigation stage.  We can assist with tax fraud, failure to file, evasion, failure to pay cases against criminal tax investigations led by the IRS, and FBAR violations. We work hard for you with tax authorities to avoid criminal proceedings and reduce penalties and assessments.

Currently Non-Collectable:

We can help some of our clients get certain delinquent tax cases in a Currently-not-collectable (CNC) state.  While our client account is in CNC status, the IRS will usually not engage in collection activity.

Custom Tax Solutions:

We offer personalized, tax consulting and planning solutions. Our tax attorneys help explore options where you may be able to alter how much you must pay in taxes, and consider events that could impact your taxes. We help identify potential credits, exemptions, and deductions that you or your business may be eligible for.

Expiration of Taxes:

Sometimes the statute of limitations has expired on the IRS ability to collect.  Subject to some exceptions, once the timeline is up, the IRS is required to stop its collection efforts. Reach out to us and we can assess your situation.

Foreign Tax Reporting:

Foreign Tax Reporting also known as FATCA is required to report all foreign financial assets and accounts. We can assist by filling out Form 8938 for you or help you with any FATCA reporting issue.

Innocent Spouse Relief:

We can assist clients by requesting an innocent spouse relief to relieve them of responsibly for paying taxes, interest, and penalties if your spouse or ex-spouse improperly reported or omitted items on your tax returns.

Married couples that file joint tax returns are held jointly responsible for payment of joint taxes.  Depending on your circumstance, a spouse can be taken off joint IRS tax, interest, and penalties.

Installment Agreement:

We can help clients that struggle pay their tax debt immediately, by helping them set up monthly payments through an installment agreement.  As long as they pay their tax debt in full, they can reduce or eliminate their payment of penalties or interest, and avoid the IRS fee associated with setting up the arrangement.

IRS & State Representation:

People in dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state taxing authorities may find it necessary to involve a third party for tax representation. These problems may include notices, or tax examinations which are difficult and time consuming.

IRS Asset Seizures:

The IRS has powers to seize property of individuals and businesses who have failed to pay tax obligations as they become due.  Both individual and business property and real estate holdings are subject to levy by the IRS.  Also, the IRS can also take possession of property held by another person or entity. The IRS goes through a 3-step process to seize the property.  Without taking these steps, the IRS can’t legally take or seize anything.  We can assist by requesting a collection Due Process Hearing.


A federal tax lien can happen when you owe back taxes to the IRS. This lien gives the IRS the ability to seize any proceeds from the sale of real estate that is owned by the taxpayer.  This delinquency prevents taxpayers from selling their property until the internal revenue service has been paid off 100%.  We can assist on getting tax liens removed from property throughout the United States.  We can also help our clients by appealing and avoiding tax liens.

Tax Compliance:

We assist with tax compliance issues including but not limited to the following:

-Delinquent tax returns

-Unfiled Tax Returns

-Failure to pay taxes

-Failure to report income

-Failure to file taxes

-Sales tax

-Use tax

-Estate tax

-Gift tax

Offer In Compromise:

We file many Offer in Compromise for clients to settle tax debt for less than the full amount. We usually get approval when the amount offered represents the most our client can expect to collect within a reasonable time period. We file forms 433-A, 433B, and 656(s).

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure:

We assist our clients by filling out the Pre-Clearance, Offshore Voluntary Disclosure letter, and complete the Voluntary Disclosure Package.

Payroll Tax Assistance:

Its difficult to be too careful when handling payroll taxes.  These taxes can have a major impact on you personally and your business.  The penalties and extra expense can cripple cash flow and cause you to shut the doors.  Consult with us before your tax debt becomes bigger than your business can handle.

Penalty & Interest Abatement:

The IRS will consider any good reason for failing to file a return, pay a tax when due and make a deposit. We can help you establish facts for reasonable cause, help you fill out all the required documents and talk to the IRS on your behalf.  

Prevent Levy & Seizures:

A tax lien (aka Federal Tax Lien) is the governments legal claim to your property.  This lien will exist in the public record after the IRS assesses the tax, sends bills, and a taxpayer is not in a position to or refused to pay the debt in a timely way.  Give us a call, we can help stop a levy or seizure or help get back your property.

Tax Fraud Defense:

We represent individuals and businesses facing criminal charges throughout the United States. Tax fraud and evasion is a very serious crime that the IRS comes after people for.  We need to be involved as quickly as possible to help put up the best defense.

Unfiled/Unpaid Tax Returns:

Failure to file a tax return can cost 5% per month of the unpaid tax bill of up to 25% of the outstanding obligation.  Additional, there can be criminal sanctions for unfiled returns or not paying the obligations and taxes associated with it. We can assess your situation and provide immediate assistance.    

Wage Garnishments:

Speed is of the essence when dealing with wage garnishments.  We can help work out an arrangement with your creditor to stop the garnishment or use other legal means to temporary stop the immediate financial strain. You cannot be fired by receiving a wage garnishment. If this happens to you, we can help by informing them of the law and insist on a resolution.  If your employer refuses, we can initiate legal proceedings on your behalf.

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