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 1) 14 Day No Risk No Obligation Trial! Most of our new business is referred by current or former satisfied clients. Since the first 14 days are free, we are able to resolve your issues within that time period you don’t pay anything. In the event your tax problem will take more time, we are happy to set up a reasonable payment structure for new services performed on day 15 moving forward.  We are the ONLY tax attorneys in the country offering this program. Providing services in this way, helps clients feel comfortable with our representation and increases the number of referrals we receive on a monthly basis.

2) 100% licensed Tax Attorneys: We are authorized to work with the IRS and all US state and federal agencies.

3) Pease of Mind: Knowing that you are not taking unnecessary risks by going in front of the IRS without a licensed tax attorney.  Without legal training and strong knowledge of the legal system will put you at a huge disadvantage with State agencies and the IRS.

4) Our Confidence: We strongly believe that we can help get you or your business back on track by helping you solve your tax problems. Although each client’s case is different, we have confidence in our ability to come up with customized solutions for your personal needs.

 5) Our Experience: When attempting to save your business or yourself from State or IRS penalties, interest or possible criminal action, its recommended to hire professional tax attorneys that understand the tax laws and what to do in different situations. Our tax attorneys are trained, licensed and experienced to handle the technicalities in the State and Federal tax settlement processes.

 6) We are Exemption from Testifying Against You: Only a tax attorney can give you-attorney client privilege. What is attorney-client privilege important? Your attorney is exempt from testifying against you. Not even CPA’s or tax preparers are excepted and they could be forced to testify against you!


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  • Appeals
  • Asset Seizures
  • Audits
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Currently Not Collectable
  • Custom Tax Solutions
  • Expiration of Taxes
  • Foreign Tax Reporting
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Installment Agreement
  • IRS & State Representation
  • International Taxes
  • IRS Asset Seizures
  • Levy & Garnishment Release
  • Liens
  • Tax Compliance
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure
  • Payroll Tax Services
  • Penalty & Interest Abatement
  • Prevent Levy & Seizures
  • Reduction of Taxes
  • Tax Fraud Defense
  • Tax Litigation
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Wage Garnishments